Posted by Alan White

The two hair looks this season for Witchery SS16 runway show are simple, beautiful a kind of polished cool. The graphic low part line and the looped pony are representative of the tribal element that I worked into the 2016 spring-summer campaign shoot. The soft, movement in the hair is truly modern and understated, perfectly polished, an effortless uptown cool.

Witchery SS16 Runway Show - Hair Direction Alan White for ghd

 How to recreate the 2 looks

  • On freshly washed and lightly towel dried hair apply ghd total volume foam evenly through out hair enough to create beautiful, healthy volume with hold and comb through. 
  • While blow-drying using the ghd aura focus on enhancing each girl’s natural movements, maintaining layering that frames the face. Using a YS Park Curl Shine Styler Brush dry products into hair, not pulling or over stretching, just volumising with a light amount of tension. Create softness to the ends using the natural flow of a round brush.
  • Try not to over dry the hair this will help to avoid creating flyaway’s as we are working towards a “Beautiful cool” Shine and Softness.
  • Using the ghd platinum follow the movement created by the brush and glide the styler through the midlength’s to ends. Take similar section's to your blow-dry and seal in polish and shine to the soft texture. Keep the ghd platinum moving through the hair to avoid obvious curl.
  • Take a horseshoe section from the temples, back and below the crown, keeping the natural layering and wisps’ as they fall around the face. Secure hair into a ponytail below the crown with silver hat elastic using a firm amount of tension, loop the pony and tie off.

  • For look 2 only - Groom the remaining hair, including the tail, back and secure into a ponytail just below the occipital bone and secure with silver hat elastic.              
  • Brush out with the ends with a YS Park Cushion Styler Brush to loosen any obvious waves, then apply a small amount of ghd smooth and finsh serum to control any flyways to finish.


Key products used

ghd total volume foam

ghd aura

YS Park Curl Shine Styler Brush

ghd platinum styler

YS Park Woden Air Vent Cushion Styler Brush

ghd smooth and finish serum