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Beard Scent

The “Beard” is undoubtedly a massive trend at the moment amongst celebrities, sport elites and the everyday man. The Alan White Anthology has you covered in all aspects of maintaining a healthy prosperous beard. Beard Scent is truly a jack of all trades, not only does this balm perfume your beard, it also tames flyaways and softens cuticles and hair follicles. 
Check out this review from “Michael Mckiernan” guitarist from Australian band Red Beard gave us on our exclusive product from Jao Brand.
In a world that offers a vast plethora of beard grooming products, it takes a true champion to stand out from the masses. The first thing you notice about this balm is its irresistible smell, followed by a very workable texture. Upon application Jao Beard Balm instantly tamed the beast that was my once savage face mane, allowing for precision stylisation, as well as working as a non-greasy moisturiser.
For me, the deal-sealing feature of Jao Beard Balm, is its all-natural list of ingredients. I would highly recommend Jao Beard Balm to anyone looking for a happier, healthier beard!  
Caution – Your partner just may think your beard is edible after use of this product.

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Beard Scent
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