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Spring Cleaning

C H R I S T I A A N   H O U T E N B O S

Where do we begin……. Christiaan has been one of the world’s leading editorial session stylists, working with top fashion designers, Artist’s and celebrities to create iconic looks that appeared on the covers and within the pages of almost every fashion publication in the world. Starting his career at the age of 12 at his father’s barber shop, He soon became the most talked about hair stylist New York had ever seen.

On saturday, June 14, Christiaan gave free haircuts in Madison Square Park, NYC.  He titled it “Spring Cleaning”. He wanted women to step out and create a new sense of self confidence.

“A lot of people hide behind their hair. If you take that veil away, something else happens. A haircut may change your view of the world”.

Check out all the action here !

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Spring Cleaning
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