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Parisians just don't try to hard

Parisians just don't try to hard

With a curated range of hair products and accessories on his self-titled website, hair stylist Alan White is a trusted authority when it comes to hair care and grooming. Here, he talks us through his thoughts on current key hair trends for the budding Parisian. 

"Possibly the most exciting part of what we are seeing across all fashion trends is individuality which is empowering. A simple snip, not cut to perfection, a shave or comb thats not over worked can instantly transform your style by adding a fresh, modern dimension and a new air of confidence".

The understated 


A modern take on a classic, the quiff represents masculinity in one of its best forms and was featured heavily on the Paris runways earlier this year. The understated quiff featured in collections from Chanel to Burberry all presented a relaxed drawdown of hair with slight volume falling forward onto the forehead. It’s a practical cut that requires little maintenance and transcends seasons and is regularly reinvented throughout time. As well as looking suave and timeless, this cut pairs perfectly with a tailored outfits and streetwear. Finger grooming volume forward for a casual, windswept effect or open up a side part for a more sophisticated look.

The textured  


This one lies somewhere between ‘I’ve just rolled out of bed’ and a nonchalant ‘I didn’t even try to look this good today’. Think of it as collapsed volume, could be short on the sides and loose at the front or plenty of length all over. Feeling natural for this look, I use Benjamin Tuita's, Hair Couture, Matt Clay to accentuate organic movements within the hair, allowing hair to have hold and finish without visibly seeing the product, it's just there, nonchalantly (I love this word). It’s a youthful take on texture, working well for guys with full, tousled locks and adding volume for those with fine hair.

The blunt

Feeling adventurous? Go one step further and opt for a haircut that pushes boundaries. Shaved sides, similar to an undercut, then left a mop of hair on top, which can be characterised by a short, straight fringe kept well above the eyebrows. The contrast between the sides and top gives a hard edge and will modernise your appearance.

The wet 

On a final thought, after bathing and towel drying your hair looks dishevelled and unique, often looking its coolest. This look can be adapted to suit day-to-day wear or the workplace. Sporting the wet look with an old-school rock inspiration is pretty tough looking and supplies cool when you can't even be bothered. These cuts and styles can be all lengths and requires product to maintain the wet, all day. My favorite technique is applying Devines Curl Moisturizing Mousse to the hair. Comb through with a YS-452 Wide Tooth Comb for consistent distribution and let hair dry naturally. Once dry you can self groom with your fingers and manipulate hair to what ever level of wet or cool you prefer. The Davines Mousse will hold shape have a wet sheen when its dry add more movements then you could imagine originating out of your noggin". 


Instagram: @alanwhiteanthology


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