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The most wonderful brush for detangling hair.

The Original Remover of Tangles with DRAINAGE HOLE.

The original, classic, plastic brush with metal, needle-like pins makes detangling hair a breeze. Can also be used in the shower for detangling wet hair or to distribute conditioner while massaging the scalp.

The unique design contains eleven anti-static metal pin rows that won’t sink into the rubber cushion or catch on extension attachments regardless of type. It’s made with entirely synthetic materials, so working with the liquids necessary for extension removal won’t harm the brush.  Helps make the extension removal process a snap.  

  • DRAINAGE HOLE for use in the shower, shampoo bowl, & with wet products
  • Plastic handle 
  • Metal bristles detangle quickly
  • Never catches on extension attachments

The drainage hole dispels water and adds flexibility. 

What is the Birth Mark on the Untangle brush?

You may notice the top of your Untangle brush has a birth mark! As this brush is made of a plastic handle this is what we call a birth mark. All Untangle brushes have this mark due to where it is detached from the mold. We take the mark down as much as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the handle construction. With using such a durable material there is only so much we can do before the material itself is no longer viable and we are not willing to take that chance. Some marks are more pronounced than others due to making sure we are not affecting the integrity of the material and strength of the handle. 

Recommended Brush Care
With any use of product there is always some form of product build up on your hair as well as your styling tools. How often you use your brushes and how much product you use will determine how often you will need to clean them. We find with the personal use of our own brushes at home, we need to deep clean them of product build up once every 4 to 6 months.

Daily Cleaning
Remove any hair or lint from brush with a comb or hands.
If using any heavy product (ie. conditioner, gel, leave-in etc) please be sure to completely rinse off all product, shake brush from side to side and squeeze out any excess water from the drainage hole. Leave the brush to dry on a hard, flat surface with the teeth facing downwards to avoid any residue pooling on the rubber pad to prevent bleaching of the pad and keep the bristles rust free.

If the brush is very dirty with heavy product build up or hair colour, simply rinse under warm water, shampoo and rinse, squeeze out any excess water from the drainage hole, then pat dry. If needed, you can also spray a fine mist of alcohol and leave to air dry or dry with a blow dryer.

Cleaning and Sanitising
Removing the excess hair and lint after each use with a comb or brush will keep the pad clean from buildup on top of it.

  • Brushes with a rubber pad should only be cleaned with either A mist of alcohol sprayed on the brush, then wiped off or dried with blow-dryer.
  • For heavier product build up, rinse under very warm water, using a little shampoo to clean the metal bristles and pad.
  • You can also use a toothbrush to gently brush over the teeth. Shake the brush from side to side and squeeze out any excess water from the drainage hole and leave the brush to dry on a hard, flat surface with the teeth facing downwards to avoid any residue pooling on the rubber pad to prevent bleaching of the pad and keep the bristles rust free.


  • UV light as this breaks down the rubber pad which then leaves the teeth vulnerable to sink into the brush pad.
  • Do not soak in Quats (Barbacide) or Brush Delight! They are acidic soaking solutions, which breaks down the rubber pad and damages the handles.

To keep your brush in the best possible shape for longevity, store your brush with the teeth facing up with nothing on top putting pressure on the teeth or pad.
When carrying your brush in a purse, handbag, backpack or suitcase etc, ensure no items are pushed or resting on the teeth.
While the Sheila Stotts Removal Brush is very sturdy and durable, constant or heavy pressure on the teeth and pad will end up compromising the durability and longevity.

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